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The Impact of  Youth Career Development in Building-Up Competences to Access and Transform the Labour Market

The partnership between the Autonomous University of Barcelona, DEP Institute, Educaweb and the International Foundation for Interdisciplinary Health Promotion, awarded with one of the grants offered by Recercaixa.  25 projects selected amongst the 369 presented to the Call for Proposals.


The situation of economic crisis and the high level of unemployment are cause of disorientation and despair amongst Catalan youth. Both in order to contribute to the development of a new production model based in knowledge and innovation, and to participate in it, youth between 16 and 25 years old need competences to access the labour market, but also competences to contribute to reduce the structural barriers which hinder their possibilities to do it.

Traditionally, career development has mainly had an individual perspective, and has been based in a model of adaptability to the labour market.  This research presents an innovative perspective of career development by envisaging its possible impact both from an individual and structural approach.  The objectives of this research are to:

  • Identify competences to access the labor market to be developed by 16-25 years old Catalan youth living in Catalonia.
  • Identify competences to reduce the structural factors that hinder their possibilities to access the labor market.
  • Analyze if and how the typologies of competences identified are developed through the career development practices implemented in educational centers of Catalonia.
  • Design an employability guide addressed to 16-25 years old Catalan youth.
  • Design an employability guide addressed to career practitioners in Catalan educational centers.

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The research is developed in four phases and mixes quantitative and qualitative methodologies, in a project that will last 2 years (2013-2015). The end goal is to create new knowledge so, in a time of uncertainty as the present one, youth know what can they change – both from an individual and an structural perspective – and how to change it in order to access the labour market and contribute to make it as socially just as possible.