Integrating social and environmental justice in career development

Rather than focusing solely on interventions that essentially focus on helping [youth and adults] adapt to oppresive social and employment conditions, career practitioners are challenged to address the social conditions that adversely impact people’s career development. N. Arthur.

The Workshop combines presentations, discussions and exercises for capacity-building on:
  • Social justice approach to career development – Structural barriers for career development.
  • Environmental justice approach to career development – Green economy, green professions and career development practice.
  • Social and environmental justice competencies for career development practitioners.
  • How to integrate social and environmental justice in career development.
Who can benefit?
Tutors, academic support, counselors, coordinators, mentors, coaches, life orientation teachers, any other teacher or professional interested in career development can benefit from our workshops.
Duration, Location and Fees
The duration of the workshop is 3h.
In-houseFees: R600 per participant (minimum 10 participants). Training material included. Catering and travelling costs excluded.
External venue:  To be announced – Fees: 815 per participant. Training material and catering included.
Holistic Career Development Association members:  Special discounts during crowdpower saving months. 10% discount in any other month.
Kindly send a message to if you have any query about this workshop.