On-site mentoring for career development practitioners

The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is the way you use them. American proverb.

Stuart MilesID-100211444We offer on-the-job targeted mentoring on fulfilling, sustainable and socially just career development practices.

How does it work?

We come to your worksite to:

  • Assess your holistic career development needs and strengths.
  • Agree on a mentoring process tailored to your needs and strengths, where goals are established and outcomes  measured.
  • Partner with your organization’s career practitioners in a mentorship relation that will improve their holistic career development competences. By competences we mean the set of interlocked knowledge, skills and attitudes that the career practitioner pulls together to answer to the needs and challenges associated with carrying-out fulfilling, sustainable and socially just career development practices. The mentoring can be one-to-one or with small groups.
Who can benefit?

We offer on-site mentoring to secondary education schools, NGO’s, colleges, labour centres, adult education centres, companies, community based organisations and any other institution interested in a fullfilling, sustainable and socially just approach to career development.

Holistic Career Development Association members:  Special discounts during crowdpower saving months. 10% discount in any other month.

Kindly send an email to careergps@ifihp.org if you have any query about the on-site mentoring programme for career development practitioners.