Prevent and Cope with Mental Fatigue at Work

The workshop Prevent and Cope with Mental Fatigue at Work discusses:

  • What is mental fatigue? How do we know if we (or our employees) are mentally fatigued? What causes mental fatigue at work?
  • How does mental fatigue affect how we think and what we do at work?
  • What can be done to reverse and prevent mental fatigue at work?
  • What are the benefits of reversing and preventing mental fatigue at work?

How will you benefit?

Some of he benefits to be obtained by attending this workshop are to:

  • Gain knowledge about how mental fatigue affects performance, safety and productivity.
  • Develop expertise on how to cope with mental fatigue at work.

Duration, Location and Fees

The duration of the workshop is 3 hours and is carried out in-house.  The fees are R600 per person. If you have any query, kindly send a message to