Health Quality Assessment (HQA) is a systematic process of evidence-based identification of health priorities and how to address them. HQA enables to tailor effective strategies and methods to the unique circumstances of a given place or population, so they can increase control over their health and its determinants, and thereby improve their health.


The workshop discusses:

  • The 4 steps process to implement HQA in your organisation in a Contextualized, Ecological, Flexible, Scalable, Participatory, Evidence-Based planning way that is based in international best practices.
  • How HQA integrates the strenghts of diverse health promotion approaches.
  • The benefits of HQA: Sustainable impact; Healthier employee/ community; Increase credibility; Reduce costs; Increase competitiveness;  Increase productivity; Reduce absenteeism…

Who will benefit:

  • Professionals involved in implementing Health and Wellness.
  • Managers involved in buying and or monitoring Health and Wellness.
  • Educational, Community Development practitioners or other professionals interested in HQA.

Duration, Location and Fees:

This is a 3h. workshop to be held in-house on a day and time that suits you at a cost of R600 per attendee.  If you are interested or you have any question, kindly send an e-mail to