Our chief want in life is somebody who will help us do what we can. R. W. Emerson.

The Career GPS is a career development programme aimed at empowering youth and adults reach fulfilling, sustainable and socially just careers.

Career coaching and mentoring activities within the Career GPS to a better future aim at empowering youth and adults to focus their thoughts, actions and emotions in what they can do today to reach their career goals.

  • We carry-out career coaching and mentoring at secondary schools, colleges, labour centres, AET centres, NGO’s, skills development agencies, companies, etc.  We have 45 minutes individual sessions where the person we work with:
  • Shares what does he/she expect from the meeting.
  • Analyses his/her situation by exploring current resources and future hopes rather than present problems and past causes.
  • Defines a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) action plan to move towards his/her preferred career future.
  • Strategises to create new career opportunities and to capitalyse on unexpected events that might foster his or her career development.

We walk the career path with the person we work with by contacting him/her on a regular basis to follow-up on his/her action plan.

Kindly send a message to careergps@ifihp.org if you are interested in our career coaching and mentioring services or to request more information.

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