Career Navigation Tools for youth and adults

 One of the tasks of [career guidance] is to unveil opportunities for hope, no matter what the obstacles may be. P. Freire.

The  Career GPS empowers youth and adults to navigate towards fulfilling, sustainable and socially just careers. Career navigation tools below are used on-site by secondary schools, NGO’s, FET Colleges, labour centres, adult education centres, etc.

Wiangya-ID-10031552Career Exploration: Workshops and info-meetings to raise awareness about study options, in-demand jobs and scarce skills that make a difference in participants’ communities, the environment and society at large; critically analyse the challenges and opportunities in education, the labour market and society; visit diverse educational centres to “taste” potential future study options.


jscreationzs33-ID-10057816Individualised Career Coaching and Mentoring: Setting individual study/career goals and acting to achieve them with the help of coaches and mentors. Learning to create career opportunities and to constructively capitalize on unexpected life events to foster career development. Support groups.