Career Navigation Resources for organisations & practitioners

Career guidance would serve a larger cause if it moves beyond helping a person find a ‘good’ job to helping a person discover how he or she could contribute to [improve] the broader human situation. G. Arulmani.

The Career GPS empowers navigation towards fulfilling, sustainable and socially just careers by enriching and strengthening career development and career guidance practices in diverse organisations.  The resources below are used by secondary schools, colleges, labour centres, AET centres, NGO’s, skills development agencies, companies…

Stuart Miles-ID-100211192Workshops and courses for practitioners. The aim is empowering tutors, mentors, life orientation teachers, human resource staff, educators, counselors, and any other career development practitioner to carry-out holistic career development practices.

Niamwhan-ID-100272848On-site mentoring for career practitioners: On-the-job targeted mentoring on fulfilling, sustainable and socially just career development practice aimed at enhancing transfer of learning to daily practice.

artur84-ID-100156013Career facilitation/classroom materials for practitioners: Career guidance programmes for life orientation, workshop guidelines, career information sheets…

Stuart Miles-ID-100259372

Latest trends and developments for practitioners: Summarised updates of the latest theoretical and practical contributions to holistic, sustainable and socially just career development. Hints on how to use them in daily practice. For Holistic Career Development Association members only.


Networking and collaboration to apply for funding opportunities, gain access to career development related job openings and/or to qualified job candidates, optimise resources and carry-out integrated work amongst diverse organizations. For  Holistic Career Development Association members only.

jscreationzs33-ID-10057816Career navigation tools for youth and adults: Career exploration workshops; individualised career coaching and mentoring.


Breaking career barriers: Challenging barriers for career development, such as gender based discrimination or poverty, through specific programmes and partnerships.


StuartMiles-ID-10067083Tools for family involvement. Career learning materials to engage parents in supporting holistic career development practices.