Holistic Career Development Association

The discourse around the notion of lifelong career guidance can serve to (…) reinvigorate the social contract that does not abandon humanity to the vagaries of the market, but places the dignity and welfare of citizens first. R. Sultana.

The Holistic Career Development Association empowers navigation towards fulfilling, sustainable and socially just careers by enriching and strengthening career development and career guidance practices.


Master isolated-ID-100138862Enrich and strenghen career development practices
  • Get career facilitation tools for youth and/or adults.
  • Receive latest trends and developments in fulfilling, sustainable and socially just career development.
  • Get and disseminate information about programmes or organizations that work to lower barriers for career development such as discrimination or lack of financial means.
  • Network and collaborate to apply for funding opportunities, optimise resources and carry-out integrated work.
  • Gain access to career development related job openings and/or to qualified job candidates.
Smarnad-ID-100109478Save while you enrich and strengthen career development practices

Get special discounts in workshops, on-site mentoring and other career development resources during crowd-power saving months, and 10% discounts in any other month.




Membership is open to:

Master isolated ID-100110268Organisations: Secondary education schools, NGO’s, colleges, labour centres, adult education centres, companies, community based organisations and any other institution interested in a fullfilling, sustainable and socially just approach to career development.

Membership form for NPOs; Membership form for corporates.

Individuals: Career development professional practitioners, volunteers, students and new graduates.

Membership form for practitioners; Membership form for volunteers; Membership form for recent graduates; Membership form for students

How to join in

StuartMiles-ID-100267240Send your completed and signed membership form, supporting documentation and proof of payment by fax or mail:

Fax: +27 (0)86 218 8780     Email: careergps@ifihp.org

Upon receipt of the completed and signed membership form, supporting documentation and proof of payment, the application will be sent for review. Provided approval has been granted, you will be emailed your Membership Certificate.

Annual Fees
  • Corporates: R1000
  • NPOs: R500
  • Practitioners: R375
  • Volunteers, new graduates and students: R75

Send an emai to careergps@ifihp.org if you have any query about the Holistic Career Development Association