Adult Basic Education

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Women with Quality of Life

Women with Quality of Life is a series of workshops developed in cooperation with Fòrum IDEA-UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain) and carried-out both in Spain and South Africa. The objectives of the workshops are for its participants to:

  • Understand how social conditions such as education, work, couple relationships or housing shape women’s health.
  • Choose health protection practices aimed at improving social conditions stated above, and put them in practice in daily life.
  • Identify the structural factors that make the healthy choice a difficult choice.

The workshops offered are:

  • Education: What is the academic level of women? What is the relation between education, our health and the health of our family? How can education help to improve quality of life?
  • Food consumption: What is the food that we buy and how do we cook it? How to make healthy and sustainable food shopping and cooking?
  • Personal finances: What is the situation of women’s personal finances? Are we in this situation? Could we improve the management of our personal finances? How?
  • Work: What is the situation of women in the labour market? How does this situation affect health? What could we do to be as healthy as possible in our work place, and/or not to leave our health in the pursue of a job?
  • Housing: What are the most common accidents at home? How to maintain our homes in a way that will improve our quality of life?
  • Couple relations: Women and violence in couple relations: what is the present situation? What else affects women’s quality of life in their couple relations? How to have a healthy relation with our couples?

The workshops are:

  • Addressed to women’s organisations, youth development organisations, community centres, adult basic education centres, consumer organisations, NGO´s, or to any other organisation interested in them.
  • Held in-house.
  • Based in participatory and functional activities that are related with participants’ interests and experiences.

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